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Yacht Kitesurfing

Miami yacht kiteboarding, Florida’s extrema adventurer water sports. Your signature Tailored yacht & sailing holidays
provided by local operators. From Miami to you, your way all the way.

Good to know

  • Enjoy the world’s best kitesurfing locations
  • Let our skippers chase the best winds for you
  • Store your gear on board of your private yacht

Are you an avid kitesurfer? If the answer is yes, I bet you dream of joining a kitesurf privet island / boat / yachts – imagine relaxing on your very own yacht, enjoying suny downers in front of paradise beaches while planning the next day’s adventures! If you’ve never heard of kitesurfing, we highly recommend you give it a go – it’s one of the most exhilarating sports available. Adrenaline-lovers are harnessed to a kite and have their feet strapped to a board – kitesurfers get to fly (yes, FLY!) over the waves, as the kite harnesses the power of the wind. Kite surfer veterans are able to do flips and somersaults, and with a bit of practice, you’ll get to learn how to fly too! A kitesurfing cruise is a great way to store your gear and move with ease from one kitesurfing location to another. Kitesurfing locations around the world include Sardinia and Corsica in the Mediterranean, perfect to combine in a single cruise, several islands in the Caribbean   . Trust me, if you try kitesurfing you’ll be hooked forever – and you’ll definitely add a kitesurfing cruise to your bucket list! Keep browsing our listings below and start planning right now!

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