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Yacht Charter Miami Boat Rentals

Yacht boat: Your signatur Yacht Charter Boat Rentals are all about You

Signature Real Deal difference;

  • Fantastick Captains, Mates and stew adventure sport
  • Jet ski great location with lots of space to be safe.
  • Full reschedule when weather is not right
  • Top end gear Add on for your trip ( kitesurfing,  jet ski, scuba, snorkel, SUP)

82 Larger boats, for an extended trip, are a more comfortable trip. This one haves a great hot tub.  Sea bobs, Jetski, and more options.

Larger boats, for an extended trip, are a more comfortable trip. This one haves a great hot tub.  Sea bobs, Jetski, and more options.

65  ” Luxury Fairline, Sedan Bridge Miami Beach

yacht boat is waiting “

Your Premier Source For The Largest Selection Of Private & Luxury Yacht Charters In Miami! Customize Your Amenities With Miami’s Finest Luxury Yachts On Any Budget. Call Us Today! Best-In-Class Service. Friendly, Certified Crew.

61 flybridge sedan

Miami Yacht Rentals and Luxury Party Boat Charters. custom packages such as Day Rentals, Sunset Cruises, Trips, Celebrations, Water Sports Packages, and considerably more. Extensive fleet of yachts with our certified captain and crew that will cater to you and your companions. explore Miami

56 Azimut Italian luxury yacht:

About you for you. Indulge in pampering your self out there. Great life style. A great day of good living.

55 Seaway.  American yacht builder, greatest luxurious yacht. Your Miami got to for great service. Great time to treat yourself self to the life you deserve. Just good times.

43 azimuth fly bridg. the sweet spot boat size for Miami. This is the sweet spot of a fresh fun size boat. A classy Gerl.


40 sea ray, Get out there, With the crew. A great tagalong boat as well to get larger grouped out to the party

Signature Deal yacht charters Miami boat rental, for you about you. Making custom adventure based around you. We have grate locations, gear and top pro Captains. and add ons. For this reason we, focus on private and seamy private experiance. As much as you like at your speed.

The locations in Miami Fl to Hollywould and Fort Loderdail.

The best Price, by far. We have private, group, beach or boat charter. Tell when, how many, And the level of achievement looking for. If you are looking at a price point lesson we have a great range. If you don’t have much time or very few vacation days. Then we have the tools, instructor to get you going fast. The more about you, we know the better we can help to get you a price. There are a lot of factors that may not be concerns of yours and we can save a lot of $ for you by taking it out of your lesson

Bareboat Charter

The 7 points you need to know

Uninspected Passenger Vessel & Bareboat Charters – Miami·Sunday, September 9, 2018

The elements listed below are indicative but not conclusive of a valid bareboat charter arrangement. Conversely, a valid bareboat charter may exist where one or more of the listed elements is not met. In any particular case, each arrangement must be evaluated on its own merits.
1. The charterer must have the option of selecting the crew. Although a master or crew may be furnished by the owner, full possession and control must be vested in the charterer. This does not preclude the charterer from taking advice from the master and crew regarding hazardous conditions such as inclement weather, navigational obstructions, etc.
2. The master and crew are paid by the charterer.
3. All food, fuel, and stores are provided by the charterer.
4. All port charges and pilotage fees, if any, are paid by the charterer.
5. Insurance is obtained by the charterer, at least to the extent of covering liability not included in the owner’s insurance. A greater indication of full control in the charterer is shown if all insurance is carried by the charterer (of course, the owner retains every right to protect his or her interest in the vessel).
6. The charterer may discharge, for cause, the master or any crew member without referral to the owner.
7. The vessel is to be surveyed upon its delivery and return.
Any provision that tends to show retention of possession or control of the vessel such as the owner of the vessel being aboard during the charter of the vessel contradicts the claim that a valid bareboat charter exists.

Common Bareboat Charter Vessel Errors

Uninspected Passenger Vessel & Bareboat Charters – Miami·Friday, June 28, 2019
1) A chartered vessel may NOT carry more than 12 passengers without a Certificate of Inspection (COI).
2) A chartered vessel may NOT carry more than 12 passengers while moored. A charter vessel is considered to be carrying “passengers” whether moored or underway. This includes a Boat Bed and Breakfast.
3) The owner of the vessel may NOT be the vessel master or part of the crew. The vessel owner is not allowed on board during a charter.
4) A bareboat charter contract may not provide or dictate a crew. The charterer must be able to select a crew and have the ability to discharge the crew.
5) The charterer is not considered a passenger, and there can only be one charterer, even though the vessel may be chartered by several individuals. In this case, one person would be considered the charterer and the rest would be counted as passengers.
6) Both U.S. flag and foreign vessels may be chartered. However, a foreign flagged vessel cannot carry passengers for hire between U.S. ports and must be chartered and /or operate as a recreational vessel (per coastwise trade laws enforced by CBP). Foreign-built vessels (including U.S. state-numbered vessels) owned by U.S. citizens must meet coastwise trade rules before carrying passengers for hire (except if the vessel is moored with passengers; refer to CPB and the MARAD small passenger vessel waiver program).

We have great support, catering, jetske, kitesurfing, wind surfing, scuba, snorkel, surfing, fishing, boat service.

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